Important Tips on Roof Hail Damage Inspection

Hailstorms can cause serious damage to your roof and affect the integrity of your beautiful building. The damage may not be physically noticeable until it you conduct a thorough inspection or the damage affects other installations in the building. The damage may also take months or years before your roof starts to leak. Continuous hail hits on the roof also reduce the life span of your roof. When the hail lands on the shingles, they cause damage which manifests as tiny circular marks. Over time, the small marks degenerate into leaks. The leaks in turn damage the decking on the upper roof and the interior drywall leading to costly repairs. 

Lack of regular inspection or timely repair eventually leads to advanced roof damage. This may affect the limitations allowed to the building owner by the insurer leaving the costly burden of roof repair to the owner. It is, therefore advisable to conduct a thorough and regular inspection of your roof instead of waiting for that alarming leak. Whether you are a roof hail damage loveland co specialist or a homeowner, this article gives you a guide on the signs to look out for when carrying out the inspection. 

Look for Any signs of Roof Leaks inside the Building 

Water stains on the floor, walls, ceiling, and other parts of the house are an indicator of external roof damage. It is important to conduct an advanced inspection to assess the nature of the damage and organize for immediate repair. If the problem is not immediately rectified, the situation may worsen leading to a more costly repair- both on the roof and interior of the building. 

Check for Any Visible Indentations on the Shingles 

Even though there may no visible damage on the inside of your building, your roof may have been damaged during a hailstorm. You, therefore, need to keenly check for any signs of blisters or dimples on your shingles. Lack of any visible damage on the inside is not a ticket to neglect the outside. Check on the outside too. The damage on the exterior is gradual and may give a false sense of security. In the end, you fail to file any claims in line with your insurance company losing on the benefits associated with the insurance policy. 

Get Damage Assessment Services from a Professional Roofer 

To get an independent judgment on the extent of hail damage on your roof, it is necessary that you contact a professional on roof hail damage. Roof repair is a costly affair for insurance providers and they may be tempted to give an undervalued assessment to safeguard their interests. An independent contractor is much more likely to consider your interests as a client. They may also give a free-of-charge assessment with a fair estimate of the cost. Some contractors also liaise with insurance providers to adjust the costs on your behalf. Eventually, the roofer of choice stands a better chance to secure the contract. Once the insurer and the contractor have agreed on the cost and nature of repairs to be done, you need to ensure that you also discuss with the contractor on the work to get the intended results.

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