Repairing of Sewer Pumps

Sewer pumps also known as ejector pumps or grinder pumps are essential since they help to remove waste or groundwater out of your home to the sewer lines. Small malfunctioning in the pumps may have consequences such as toilet may overflow producing unpleasant smell thus putting your family at risk. The system is designed to pump effluent and water where the home is located below the sewer line thus the water cannot flow by the use of gravity. Broke down in the system will cause the unsanitary condition in your home and the repair is the only way to solve the issue. 

Signs That Your Sewer Pump Needs Repair 

The pump keeps running continuous -The sewer pump is designed to turn on when the tank is full and require emptying. Then it should switch off automatically after the pit is empty. If it doesn’t stop running, it indicates that the sensor is not working and need repair. One should not ignore this even if the pump is emptying the pit since it will cause the entire breakdown of the system. 

Sewage smell-When you walk around your home and smell an unpleasant odor, this is an indication that the pump is not completely functioning. The reason could because of small leakage in the pump or overflowing of water in the tank. Fluid not being ejected-Sometimes the pump will run as usual, but the fluid in the pit will not empty. This is a clear indication that the pump may be clogged or not getting enough power to create enough suction to drain the pit. 

Steps To Repair A Sewer Pumps

First sewer pump repair Portsmouth Va they evaluate your system to identify the problem. The problem might be outlet pipe or basin leakage, malfunctioning of the valve or vent. After the problem is identified replacement of the default part is done and sometimes they may install a new system. The last step is to test if sewer pumps work as it should. They investigate if the kitchens, toilet, bathrooms and laundry hookup drain completely without any delay. They also ensure that the pipes are not leaking because it may cause crack or rust of the system thus making you replace the system again. 

Common Defaults Found During Sewer Pump 

Clogging in the pipe will result to slowing the pumping cycle, it may also cause pipe breakage thus it requires immediate repair. Secondly, fault in the float switch which measures the fluid level and determine when the pit will empty. Any malfunctioning in the float switch will cause sewer pump to overflow. Thirdly electrical problem where the fuse or circuit may break or wiring issue may cause the system not to work. Finally, the vent which equalizes pressure and also ensures that the water is pumped out. It is easy to repair since even a homeowner can repair as long he identifies the problem. Cheap and less time-consuming compared to installing a new system.


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