Effects of Plastic Bags and Measures Taken by Countries Around the World

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The use of plastic bag has come to such a level that the governments of various countries had to make policies to reduce its harmful impact on the environment. The major steps do not include only banning the use of plastic bags. It also includes regulating, taxing, restriction of sale and improving the label, creating awareness and improving recycling, reuse and plastic waste treatment. It still lacks the momentum it needs. The governments should create awareness to discourage the habit of using plastic bags in people.

It won’t be enough to just stop using the non-biodegradable material. You would also need an alternative material to take its place since your need is still there. Here, reusable plays an important role. These reusable bags can replace the single-use plastic bags which harm the environment and possess serious threat to the marine and human life. Toxic plastic wastes have already deteriorated the air and water quality to a great extent.

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How Do Plastic Bags Affect the Environment and Life?

There is a serious trouble with discarding plastics as they are non-biodegradable. Environment pollution is inevitable. Through the process of photo-degradation plastic breaks down into minute toxic molecules, which when interacts with the ecosystem causes harm. Even burning them would produce dangerous dioxins.

The chemicals from the breaking down of plastic reach the underground water after absorbed by the soil. The wildlife is largely affected due to this especially when they drink water from the contaminated water sources.

Plastic pollution is responsible for the death of 100,000 aquatic lives every year. Disposing plastic bags and bottles improperly is a major reason for plastic pollution in the ocean. The aquatic creatures get poisoned and choked to death by the plastic wastes. Even if they don’t die after consuming toxic chemicals, they ultimately harm you when used for human consumption.

How Effective Has Been Plastic Bans and Taxes Around The world?

Although everybody is aware of the impending danger plastic poses on the whole planet, it is hardly contained. There are bans on plastic bag usage in almost all the States of USA except Delaware where the authority puts more stress on recycling and reuse programs and encourages the people to use reusable bags.

However, most of the European countries have put taxes on plastic bag uses. Only a few countries like France, Belgium and Austria have put on a ban. They are also investing in recycling programs.

When you compare the result around the world you would notice that the legislation is either poorly enforced or the overall result is still lacking. The only solution is to turn to biodegradable and sustainable alternatives along with proper recycling program.

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