Getting to Know Modular Construction

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We have often crossed paths with the term modular homes at least once or twice in our lives. However, if not then you are in luck since we are going to have a look at Modular construction. Also, we will look at how it has impacted the construction industry at large.

So, What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a technological means of construction that is done within a factory setting and later assembled on site. On the other hand, conventional construction is an onsite means of construction where all the building is done onsite.

Facts About Modular Buildings.


  • Modular homes are customizable, and as a result, can vary in style and size.
  • Modular companies used a team of computer-aided designers to help in designing house components.
  • Both mortgages and home loans for modular homes are similar to normal houses.
  • Unlike regular homes, modular homes are a form of green building.
  • Nowadays, modular homes are designed to withstand natural calamities, and as such, they can withstand winds of up to 175-mph
  • Modular homes are also considered as permanent structures

Advantages of Modular Buildings.

  1. Modular homes have a shorter construction time, unlike other construction means.
  2. Modular homes are not only a cleaner way of constructing houses but are also environmentally friendly to the environment. Modular homes often generate less waste, unlike onsite construction which often distorts the environment.
  3. Modular homes are made of durable materials that can withstand natural calamities such as fires. Also, the materials used in modular construction often equip modular homes with unique features like them being soundproof.
  4. Modular homes have an attractive design since they are built using state of the art technology used in designs. Also, modular homes are flexible, thus can be custom made and designed according to user preferences.
  5. Unlike the traditional construction, modular homes are cheaper since they are built in factories and assembled on site. Also, modular homes require less labour for construction, thus saving on labour expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Complete A Modular House?

Modular houses can be completed in a matter of weeks since they are mostly built indoors. In addition, such houses never suffer from onsite delays that occur on construction sites. Also, during the construction process, modular homes often conform to some guidelines and rules that surpass those of regular houses read more.

What Are the Differences Between Modular Homes and Conventional Homes?

Unlike conventional homes, modular homes have their components built-in factory settings. Here the components are fabricated and delivered by trucks and are to be assembled one by one. On the other hand, conventional homes are built on-site with the workers having to build everything from scratch. read more

Where Can I Get Modular Construction Services?

When shopping for modular home components, then it would be wise to buy around your area of construction. Modular construction factories are similar with only a difference in the purchase price, service and quality offered. However, if you are within the UK, then we would like to recommend Elite systems for modular homes. Elite systems is an agency that not only offers modular consultancy services but is also one of the leading modular home construction company within the UK.


The future of the construction industry is sure to change from traditional homes to modular homes. This is because modular homes are likely to bring in more advantages to the construction industry. However, the future is not fully certain for modular homes due to user preferences and the current dominance of traditional housing methods. Nonetheless, if the obstacles preventing the success of modular homes are to be surpassed then the number of modular homes is likely to increase rapidly, thus shifting the industry.


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