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In high school and college I took several science classes that taught me to care for the environment. Some of those classes were specifically related to environmental science; all of those classes helped me grow as an individual. As a young man, I started caring more about the world around me, which is a quality that I try to promote to the children in my community today. As an adult, I am beginning to understand how important my role is in the community. The world is changing. Whether or not we have an impact on the environment is not up for debate. 

Some people like to debate whether or not climate change is a reality. It might be hard to believe that humans have had such an impact on the enormous planet that we occupy, but you have to consider that the populations of people throughout the world have grown substantially. Populations around the world are producing harmful chemicals that come from vehicle emissions. These fossil fuels are available under the Earth’s crust, but fossil fuels are only available in limited quantities, so they are not a sustainable resource that people should rely upon. These fuel sources will be gone eventually, and the harmful chemicals that fossil fuels emit into the air are ruining our planet. 

As overpopulation in cities becomes an enormous environmental problem, the landfills are beginning to grow to the point which they are not manageable. Recycling is a great way to promote a beautiful planet for our future generations. However, some things can’t be recycled. Please don’t throw your garbage on the beautiful green Earth. Let’s work together to keep this planet clean. Part of keeping the planet clean is putting trash where it belongs. If you live in a building where there is not a proper place to put your garbage, then you should look into any dumpster rentals Chicago Il before you place that garbage in the fields or streams. Polluting the environment with deliberate dumping of trash in the parks and streams is incredibly rude. Keep that garbage where it belongs. 

Spreading awareness about environmental issues is one of the easiest things to do today when you consider all the groups that are set up in cities across the world that advocate environmental consciousness. Take a look around your city, and you will likely find other like minded people who are geared towards spending time telling others about the joys of nature. 

Nature provides a buffer that all of humanity can enjoy. It is a free resource for all of us to use for our benefit, but please make sure to leave nature the way you found it. This means picking up after you and your family when you visit parks and outdoor picnic areas. Make a habit out of picking up after your children outside of the playroom. Set an example for your children. Your kids are looking up to you, and we’re all counting on you to care about this beautiful planet.


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