What Is The Right Dose Of CBD Gummies

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To treat different ailments, you need to consume different amounts of CBD daily. CBD gummies are the easiest and delicious ways to consume CBD. To get the safe and maximum level of benefits from CBD, its right dosing is very important.

A lot of people have this query as to “how many CBD gummies should I eat”. This article will provide you adequate information to help clear the concern. JustCBD Store is the leading place to buy a wide range of CBD products at a reasonable price. One of the widely sold CBD products is CBD gummies. They contain a specified amount of CBD that provides a variety of health benefits to the body.

What are the different concentrations of CBD dosage?

CBD edible gummies are available in a wide array of concentrations. Some of these gummies have 5 mg of CBD concentration, whereas others are strong with as much as 25 mg or higher concentration.

To find the right number of gummies to be consumed in a day, a user needs to find the right CBD gummy dosage in terms of milligrams. Now translate this dose into the right number of gummies based on the type and the chosen brand and type.

What Are The Factors On Which The CBD Dosage Depends On?

The right dose for CBD depends on various factors that include:

  • Bodyweight
  • Below 130 lbs – 11 mg or less
  • 130 to 230 lbs – 18 mg or less
  • Above 230 lbs – 23 mg or less

Another way to consume CBD gummies is to take 1 mg of it per 10 pounds of your body weight. The starting optimal dose is calculated by dividing your body weight by 10.

  • Desired Strength and Desired effect

Moderate effects: To get increased relief, stress management, and ease:

  • Below 130 lbs: 12 to 14 mg
  • 130 to 230 lbs: 19 to 23 mg
  • Above 230 lbs: 24 to 30 mg

Strong effects: To get more pronounced effects such as severe discomfort or uneasiness:

  • Below 130 lbs: 15 to 17 mg
  • 130 to 230 lbs: 24 to 27 mg
  • Above 230 lbs: 31 to 45 mg
  • Ailment to be addressed
  • Calmness and relaxation: 15mg to 30 mg for easing the jitters of daily life.
  • Healthy, and sound sleep: 10mg to 25 mg CBD every night to activate CBD receptors during asleep.
  • Exercised-caused discomfort and inflammation: As less than 5 mg or as high as 50 mg CBD gummy to lessen exercise-induced inflammation and soreness.
  • Focus and overall well-being: 5 mg to 15 mg of CBD gummies daily.

Is there a fixed CBD gummy dose for everyone?

There is no simple and universal answer for CBD dosing. There is no specific dose that will work for all people. This is because every CBD user is different.

It is important to take the time to evaluate what is the right dose that provides you the desired benefits. It is advised to start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose in an incremental fashion till you feel comfortable.


The optimal dose is impacted by body weight, desired strength, chemical composition, the reason to use CBD, and more. The above information will help you arrive at the best CBD dose for your health condition.

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