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With the winter season in full fledge, it’s important that our homes are well insulated and heated. While heating the interior of our home is a given, taking special care of our pipes is just as important. Frozen pipes not only prevent water flow, but they have also been known to burst as well. While many of us know to let faucets run a little bit, in order to prevent pipes from bursting, many people are unaware that freezing temperatures can affect their water heater as well. 

If you are unlucky enough to have frozen pipes this winter, there are a couple of very simple things that you can do to help unfreeze those pipes. It is important that you first open up the faucet slightly before you began, even the ones without water flow. What many people don’t realize is that it is actually the water pressure that burst pipes rather than the actual freezing. Opening the pipes helps to release pressure whenever the water begins to flow. 

In order to get your water flowing from your hot water heater, pipes, and to your faucets, a heating tool such as a heat gun is very handy. If there is no such tool at your disposal, a basic hair dryer can also do the trick. Be cautious, however, of the type of pipes you have as well as the temperature of heat you are applying. Certain pipes, especially PVC, cannot withstand certain temperatures and may be damaged. After examining the pipes to determine where the blockage is, run the heated tool back and forth along that area to help melt the ice and, unfreeze pipes and get your service up and running. 

You can also utilize heating tape, heating lamps or even wrap the pipes in hot towels. Adding salt to your drains may also help hasten the melting process. No matter what method you choose, it is important that the pipes be opened slightly first to prevent bursting. A burst pipe, especially depending on its location, can mean an ample amount of damage and destruction of property and belongings. 

Regardless of the weather or location, pipes can burst and water heaters may need be repaired no matter where you live. And while temperatures in Nevada rarely get below or even near freezing, it is not an uncommon occurrence, just as burst pipes are not. In fact, because Nevada is not used to such conditions, many homeowners have learned the hard way the damage that burst pipes can cause. There have probably been more searches for a water heater repair las vegas nv, than in even the coldest regions. Maybe it is because those who reside in areas prone to low temperatures are already versed in proper preparation 

No matter what region you live in, or what situation you are facing, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Even if something doesn’t usually happen, the fact that it could is well worth the preparation. It is always better to be safe than sorry in every situation. Therefore, be proactive, be prepared, and most of all, be safe!


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