All About Georgia and Its First Capital, Savannah

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In the 1500s, some Spanish missionaries lived in Georgia, though their presence was not largely overwhelming. By the time the 1700s rolled around, most of the Spanish presence that was there was gone. By the 1730s, English settlers started to come there. Eventually, it was called “Georgia,” after the current king of England. It became a royal colony in 1852. Georgia was one of the 13 colonies that had rebelled against King George before and during the American Revolution. At first, slavery was banned in the state. However, it became legal to own slaves in 1749. In the time between 1750 and 1775, the slaves kept pouring in and reproducing. It came to a point where the slave population started off being 500 and eventually jumped up to about 18,000. Most white people were lower-class farmers who worked their own lands. Cotton was a huge producer of income for the state, and sugar cane eventually became another important crop. Georgia was one of the states in the South who decided to secede from the Union. 

Ever since 1968, Atlanta has been the capital of Georgia. Five cities, in total, can brag that they were Georgia’s state capital. Georgia’s first state capital was Savannah. Savannah is still around, and it touches the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It was established in 1733, and it is the oldest city in the state. The population is estimated to be 146,763. There are plenty of homes in Savannah that are of different price ranges. Some Savannah homes are as cheap as being below $200,000.00, and others as expensive as being in the several hundreds of thousands and millions. There are plenty of realtors Savannah GA who would be able to find you a home with a price point that suits you. Savannah is 38.03% white, 55.04% black, 2.00% Asian and 2.01% from two or more races. 

Savannah experiences seasons, but they are mild. The place errs on the side of being warmer than cooler. It rarely snows in Savannah. If Savannah does experience snow, the snow does not really stick enough. However, Savannah experiences more rain than the national average. The national average for rain is 39 inches, and Savannah experiences an average of 50 inches of rain per year. Hurricanes very rarely hit Georgia head-on, though Georgia still experiences damage from being hit indirectly and with waning force. 

Savannah has gotten a bad rap, lately, because of the fact that violent crimes in Savannah have been highly publicized. There are many people online who say that the area does, in fact, have issues. As of 2015, the murder rate per 100,000 people was 22.48. To put things into perspective, the homicide rate in 2015 in New York was 2.2. The largest amount of homicides in New York happened in 1990, when the homicide rate was 30.66 for every 100,000 residents. However, one must realize that statistics can be highly skewed—leaving out important information. Also, a lot of the crimes happen in black neighborhoods.


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