Beavercreek Ohio Homes: Paradise Found

What family doesn’t crave a community that pairs historical nostalgia with contemporary resources? The City of Beavercreek may have been incorporated in 1980, but the township in which it resides was founded in 1803, the year Ohio was admitted to the union, Napoleon invaded England and the Louisiana Purchase was made. 

We mention these events because you’re likely shopping for a home in Beavercreek and we pride ourselves on our heritage. In fact, you might chuckle when you read that on May 10, 1803, Green County judges also established a township called “Mad River.” We’re not sure why that name was chosen, but the river’s still there. 

Of course, you’re not as interested in crazy rivers as you are about houses for sale Beavercreek OH. Whether you’re moving here from out-of-state, Dayton has gotten too big or you long for a place that feels like home, you couldn’t find a better mix of home pricing, style and neighbors than you’ll discover in Beavercreek and here’s why… 

1. There’s lots to recommend it. When David Shumway, a former Wright-Patterson Air Force Base nuclear engineer, sought a new place to live, he was so enamored of Beavercreek, he even wrote a book about it. 

2. It may be the largest city in the county and the second-largest Dayton suburb, but Beavercreek is an island of tranquility with fewer than 46,000 residents as of the 2018 U.S. census. Home town vibe? You bet! 

3. The population mix in 2014 consisted of 50.7-percent men and 49.3-percent women, so there’s someone for everyone. The average income for folks living in Ohio is $52,334, but Beavercreek residents make $84,180. If you’re upwardly mobile, this is Nirvana. 

4. If you worry about your kids (and who doesn’t), this should make you feel more comfortable: as of June 2, 1018, the sex offender ratio in Beavercreek is 6,599-to-1. This community prides itself on family safety and leaders intend to keep it that way. 

5. You’ll find an idyllic place to chill not far from your new digs at the 136-acre Creekside Reserve. Paved trails and hiking paths plus observation decks give nature lovers plenty of excuses to spend time here. A mix of scrub habitats, prairie, wetlands, forest and meadow welcomes picnickers, photographers and hikers. 

6. You couldn’t get bored if you tried. From shopping malls to Gravity Spa’s flotation and sensory deprivation tanks–the new gravity rail playground for kids and The Great Escape Game–you’ll stay busy. If it gets to be too much, a visit to the Hindu temple offers a unique contemplative escape. 

7. This community this truly easy to navigate. At just 27-square miles, Beavercreek is the quintessential small town yet you’re just 8 miles from Dayton proper if you require more stimulation. This bedroom community is a haven for weary souls eager to raise great kids in great neighborhoods. 

8. Homes are affordable. More than half of all homes fall into the price range of between $112K and $225K, so finding a residence that suits your needs won’t be hard. Home values have appreciated 21.7-percent since 2000. 

9. Count on efficient municipal systems that keep residents safe and sound, no matter what’s going on outside the city. From utilities to first responders, Beavercreek services are state-of-the-art. They should be. The city’s first fire department was started in 1941 by florist John Scott who knew a thing or two about the art of watering things! 


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