Signs Are an Advertising Necessity 

Lawn signs, also called yard signs and other names, are advertisements usually placed on the grass or dirt surface of property facing the street or highway for greater visibility and normally within five feet of the right-of-way line. The signs are popular to announce real estate for sale or lease, to create brand awareness, to point out the location of businesses, or to support candidates during times leading up to elections. 

Signs come in different sizes and shapes with most often being rectangular and measuring between 12 and 40 inches on each side. A major helpful feature is that they are 100 percent customizable so that images, text, fonts, and your own designs are easily interchangeable within the frames as often as you desire, can be uploaded speedily, and offer limitless possibilities for the contents. You can also have the availability of the best custom art services and product selection with the design services often included in the price. Signage is available in a variety of materials that are resistant to weather, fading, and scratching. They include the following: 

* Corrugated plastic is the most affordable and is a good option for temporary signs that will last two years or more with proper care and usage. 
* Rigid plastic is more durable than corrugated plastic and is meant for more prolonged use. 
* Aluminum is the most durable, will not rust, and will last for years outside. The rigid plastic and the aluminum signs are designed to last for five years or more with proper care and usage. 

Sign riders are smaller signs that provide additional information and messages that are not in the larger sign. The riders are usually placed above or below the larger graphics. After use, you can remove surface dirt on the riders by the use of a damp cloth and not using a heavy cleaning solution like bleach, which might damage the sign. To store, save the shipping box and make that a protective case to keep them from being bent, scratched, or damaged. If you have disposed of that box, store the riders on shelves and cover them with a protective cloth to prevent scratching. Real estate signs promote properties that are for sale, give details about Open Houses, and point out the location. They increase the attention by drive-by traffic and will hopefully bring in business or at least prospective customers. 

Even real estate salespeople other than the listing one on the sign can make further use of such information because the time that a property has been on the market and drops in price indicate a cooling market and the possibility of an even better price that the agents can share with their own prospects. On the other hand, a higher price indicated on a sign means that available inventory is becoming more limited and the market is heating up. Signs are the ideal way of advertising that will attract the attention of people driving by who are interested in a particular property, business, or political candidate as well as impulse buyers.

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