Considerations to Make Before Settling on A Power Distribution Setup

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Much of the existing power distribution setup dotting the American landscape has been around for ages that you might think that there are no alternate power distribution and regulation systems available. When setting up a new electrical system, there are various considerations you will need to make before settling on a particular power distribution and regulation set up. In most cases, individuals setting up new electrical systems are faced with the challenge of choosing between using pole mounted transformers and ground transformers. In this post, we will discuss why it will be more convenient to install a pole mounted transformer as when compared to installing a ground transformer. 

The Benefits of Using A Pole Mounted Transformer 

Transformer utility access upgrades occur rarely. The reason behind this is that transformers are often as deemed one-time investments. However, if you are involved in the installation of the transformer, you will need to think beyond the current needs of your project. Your future projects will be relying on the transformer you are presently installing. With this in mind, installing a transformer with maximum access should be a priority. A pole mounted transformer makes power distribution easier as compared to ground transformers. Besides, making a utility upgrade on a pole mounted transformer is simpler as you will only need to install additional lines. On the other hand, ground transformers tend to be more localized hindering their ability to serve surrounding areas. From this, it is clear that ground transformers are more likely to frustrate your future projects by impeding their connection to the grid. 

Decreased Risk 

Transformers are dangerous utilities because of the amount of voltage they handle making them potential hazards to anything or anyone that comes close. When compared to a pole-mounted transformer, ground transformers pose greater risks to anything within its surrounding. Children or animals might mistake a ground transformer for a climbing structure; this may lead to disastrous consequences. A pole mounted transformer minimizes such risks by isolating the hazardous and critical electric equipment. 

Space Saving 

According to experts, an excellent electrical system is a high capacity system capable of working without being obtrusive and this is what you get by installing a pole mounted transformer. When compared to ground transformers, pole-mounted transformers take up less space and are not conspicuous meaning you will have more space to set up other amenities They can be installed quickly. Installing ground transformers need concrete to be poured as the transformer will be mounted on top of it, this means that you will have to wait for the concrete to dry which can be time-consuming. If the transformer was being installed for a business enterprise, your business might end up losing revenue due to the downtime experienced. On the other hand, the installation of a pole-mounted transformer occurs almost immediately as it takes a shorter time to install a transformer on poles. In addition, you might always find existing poles therefore even speeding up your transformer installation process.


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