New Year Means New Interior Design Ideas

The new year welcomes the opportunity of change and improvement to our lives, these traditionally include gym membership sign-ups and or the promise of doing one good deed a day. However, we mustn’t forget one of the most important areas of our lives, our own homes. Nobody wants to keep coming back into the same space every single day year after year, so why not mix it up this year and give your home the tender loving care it deserves. The following are a few ways you can give your interior home a fresh new look for the new year. 

Guest Bedroom 

We might get comfortable with some of the less than desirable areas of our homes, however, any guest that may come to stay will no doubt see all the flaws within your guest room. So, first things first gather all the clutter that has collected since your in-laws left this past holiday season. The following are a few things to keep in mind to change or clean inside this room. Dirty walls are unfortunately one of the most overlooked areas of a room. A simple scrub can regain that shine that appears when the room was first painted. Lighting is another area of a guest bedroom or any room for that matter that is overlooked. Switching to more elegant and complimentary lighting systems such as dimmers is always a nice touch to making a room seem more elegant than it is. 


If you thought we were going to talk about throwing away your dirty carpets then you are mistaken, kinda. The reason we always end up with dirty and worn out carpets is that we tend to use the same one the whole year! Different seasons deserve different rugs, okay I know that sounds a little foreign but hear us out for a second. Rugs make a room, so why have the same colored and material rug throughout the seasons? For Example, as winter comes to an end and fall enters our lives, the best thing to do is switch out that heavy fur or wooden carpet that was intended to bring warmth, instead of switching them out for a more neutral color and material for the warmer nights to come. 

Kitchen Essentials 

Adding a new design to your kitchen doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars nor require you to change your cabinets or countertops. The fact is that one can easily add a new look to their kitchen by simply purchasing new sets of cookware. Trust us, there is a plethora of cookware on the market that can give your kitchen that extra touch of flair to it, for example, one of our favorites is Brooklyn Copper cookware.

Not only is copper cookware a great addition by any interior designer but the metal is a great conductor of heat. That means that you never have to worry about your food rapidly losing its warmth. It’s no wonder why some of the worlds best chefs use copper within their restaurants.


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