Five Reasons to Move to Astoria

John Jacob Astor was the world’s first millionaire. The New York City investor founded Fort Astoria in 1811. In 1876, the area was named after Astoria, officially incorporated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly. Today Astoria is a small town with all of the charms one would expect from such an area. Relocating to Astoria from anywhere in the country is an idea that can change your life in more ways than one. Five reasons to make the move to Astoria are listed below. 

  • Home Pricing: Astoria has many homes for rent and those for sale, too. Whether you want to buy or rent, there are beautiful homes to choose from. Many have been a part of the area for many years, although new homes are also found in many neighborhoods. You can find a home for sale Astoria OR with an average price tag of about $176,909 while a rental of a two-bedroom single-family home will cost an average of $1,100 per month. 


  • Safe Community: Whether you are raising a family, starting college, or a single individual living life to the fullest, you deserve to live in a safe area. You will be happy to know that you will have found exactly that in Astoria. Like most small towns, this one has little crime going on and instead is filled with people who genuinely care for one another.


  • History: If you enjoy history, Astoria offers plenty to love, explore, and enjoy each day that you are a resident of the great community. Each day you can learn something new and exciting about the historic city and enlighten yourself to an amazing history. Many artifacts, a museum, and other attractions are available to help you learn more about the exciting history in full detail.


  • Scenery: If you enjoy the great outdoors, Astoria is the perfect place to call home. One foot outside is enough to relax you and make the world great again, no matter what troubles seem to bother you day by day. The immaculate scenery provides the perfect backdrop for an amazing photo-op, while the hiking trails, wildlife, and other attractions ensure that your entertainment needs are always met.


  • Low Cost of Living: When you relocate, cost of living is important. You can move to Astoria with complete confidence that the area has a low cost of living that will not send you spiraling into debt. Whether it is fuel for the automobiles, groceries from the market, or even entertainment, you can afford the prices when you are an Astoria resident. 

The Bottom Line 

Oregon is a beautiful state that is filled with many small towns and cities that are perfect for anyone who enjoys a laid back, simple lifestyle that is never dull or boring. As an Astoria resident, you can enjoy the perks above and so many more. Isn’t it time that you treated yourself and the people that you love the most to that laid-back, relaxing lifestyle that they deserve?


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