Investing in Foreign Real Estate

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My home is where my heart is, but I often bring my home over to another country when I go to vacation. I’ve never been a big fan of staying in one place. Ever since I was a young child of twelve my family has had to relocate for one reason or another. My dad was in the army, so we went to be with him when he moved around the country and around the globe. When I met my wife, she wanted to move out of her home state, so I started packing my bags once again. 

When I finally settled with her in our current home, I decided to get into real estate for myself because I knew how the housing markets were always changing. I felt like understanding the real estate market was a given instinct I was born with that became stronger as I got older. As I got older and moved around, I learned to judge property value based upon the location of the home, the shape of the building, the quality of the its design, and the amenities that the property holds. The location is always the biggest indicator of what makes a property valuable to a buyer, but the other factors certainly play a large part in the mind of the buyer.

Another thing I have learned to observe upon finding a new property to claim is the actual value based off of the first impression the property gives off to the buyer. This is called curb value because this element can be estimated by standing on the curb and looking at the property from a distance. Curb value is easy to change, however. The renovations made to the landscape and the exterior of the building will dramatically impact the property’s curb value. 

When I realized how easy it was to buy and sell homes in the United States, I took up real estate investing in foreign markets as well. It was a hobby at first, but it quickly became an adventurous career for my wife and me. I’ve invested in many Paris France Luxury Real Estate for Sale because I know it will go up in value. Paris is a city that will always be popular for tourists, so I know I can rent the house as a vacation home to people traveling to France from America. I know that I can sell to this audience because I speak English better than the majority of French residents that are renting homes to Americans.

It was difficult to finance the house because of the international agreements that needed to take place. However, once we figured out how to invest in real estate in another country, the limits to our adventures became nearly non-existent. We’re open to investing in real estate in other countries because we get to learn about a new culture that we may not be familiar with already, and we get to help people in our own country by providing vacation homes.

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